Sungal Tea Estate

Sungal Tea Estate

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We at Sungal & Bundla Tea Estates are proud to bring to you the finest Kangra Tea, or Himachal Tea, as it is known in some countries.

We are located in a unique part of India. It is situated north of the capital Delhi and in the foothills of the Himalayas, falling approximately at the same latitude as Japan, and at an altitude of 4000 ft. and above.

There are few sights as beautiful as a well-maintained tea estate. The acres of uniformly trimmed tea shrubs (maintained at 3ft for ease of plucking) are just as delightful as the teas they produce. And Palampur is surrounded by them. Be it the Kangra road or the Baijnath road or even the Dharamsala road, all run through tea estates for at least a few miles out of Palampur.

And then, there's the road through the town that leads up towards the Neugal Khad, past the aptly named Hotel T-bud. This one has the beautiful Bundla Tea Estate on both sides. Another tea estate noted for its beauty is at Sidhbari, near Dharamsala.

You will find all these estates an enchanting green from March to November, when the bushes are finally pruned and "rested" for the winter. Rested? Well, they do tire of producing rich leaf after leaf for your cup, eight months in a row. So it's only fair that they get some time to recover their strength. This also means that when plucking resumes in April, the first batches of tea are the richest in flavour.

The technical name for this phenomenon is "Spring Flush", and if you happen to visit Kangra during April, do make the most of your trip by buying freshly produced tea.

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